Colleen - Owner


Owner | Sales & Marketing

YEAR JOINED THE INDUSTRY:  1998                              YEAR JOINED THE ROXX TEAM: 2011

DO YOU SPECIALIZE IN A PARTICULAR SERVICE? IF SO WHAT IS IT? I started in this industry as an Esthetician and although I don't actively  preform services any more, once an Esthetician, always an Esthetician. I am a BIG Fan of waxing (have been known to travel with a wax pot) and pedicures.  As one of the owners, I oversee the marketing and social media and if there is ever an event being  hosted at ROXX you will be sure to see me chatting up someone.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS JOB?  It is an incredible industry to be involved in as there is a true connection between people.  Ultimately, all services in our Salon and Spa aim to make people feel amazing  in addition to us being  part of some of the most memorable moments, milestones of peoples lives.  Align this with our incredibly talented team at ROXX, and the understanding that each one of these professionals aspire to make all clients feel their best.  To me, that is the greatest  space to be part of.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SERVICE AND WHY?  I love it all.  In the salon, a Shampoo Blowout just makes my inner Farrah Fawcett emerge.  In the spa, there is nothing quite as lovely as a ROXX facial.  

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