Every bride wants to look exquisite during the wedding. A lot goes into making a bride stand out from the rest. Needless to say, beautiful hair is a brides crowning glory.

Here are a few do's and don'ts

I DO's:

Decide on a hairstyle before you choose your veil or headpiece

Play with a few styles before finalizing your look

Visit your hairstylist at least six months before the wedding to set up a hair care regimen

Touch up your existing hair color two weeks before the wedding

Prepare a hair emergency kit for reception touch ups. This should include bobby pins and hairspray

Think about whether your hairstyle will hold up at an outdoor wedding

Match your hairstyle to your gown in degree of formality

Consider extensions and hairpieces to add volume for special hairstyles

Plan special hairstyles for the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner

Get a final trim two weeks before the wedding

Wear a buttoned-down shirt to your wedding day hair session

Talk to your hairstylist to set a shampooing and conditioning schedule for the days before the wedding

Add a bit of glitter to your hair -- just be sure to try it out in advance

Invest in a good haircut. You'll need less styling if you have a good foundation

Decide if you will remove your veil after the ceremony. You'll need to adjust your hairstyle accordingly

Have your hairdresser practice with your veil tiara


Make hairstyle changes within three months of the wedding

Dye your hair at home

Change your hair color within two months of the wedding

Let anyone talk you into the latest style unless you really love it

Choose a style that's too structured -- it will be impossible to maintain

Go overboard on tendrils. If the curls droop, you'll be left with messy hair

Choose a large or overly ornate headpiece. You're the star; not your tiara

Use unfamiliar hair products on the big day -- you could be allergic to them

Wash your hair right before styling it -- it may be too slippery to handle

Use accessories that are too heavy for an updo.

Overload your hair with product.


Salon + Spa Roxx has designated a special area for small groups to enjoy services privately. It is designed for manicure, pedicure and massage services with special touches such as lunch, champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. This is perfect for small stagette parties, mother & daughter bookings and of course for the happy couple.


Price List

Wedding Menu Services

  • $30 to $55Design set
  • $75Updo
  • $110Bridal Updo
  • $25 to $45Children's Style

  • $50Makeup Application
  • $65Bridal Makeup
  • $45Trial Makeup

The Beautiful Bride

  • $1503D Eyelash Extensions
  • $30Spray Tan
  • $75BodyRoxx Scrub + Spray Tan


  • $250Skin Deep - Roxx signature facial with
    3D lash extensions

  • $200Classic Bride - Roxx pedicure, full set of
    gel nails, body roxx scrub and spray tan

  • $405Bride & Groom Couple manicure,
    pedicures and massage set up in luxx room
    * champagne and choc dipped strawberries